Photo of Jonathan Ciottone

Jonathan Ciottone is the managing partner of the Hartford Office of MKCI, member of the firm’s Management Committee and co-Chair of MKCI’s AI Committee. Attorney Ciottone has over 25 years’ experience as lead defense and first-chair trial counsel on a broad range of State and Federal civil matters including product liability, professional liability, school liability, civil sexual assault, maritime civil litigation, fire loss, traumatic brain and catastrophic injury, and other insurance defense matters including multi-district litigation and mass tort. Attorney Ciottone has regularly worked to use cutting edge technologies such as generative AI to improve his effectiveness as defense counsel and more efficiently serve his clients.

A paradigm shift in legal practice is occurring now. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force, particularly in civil litigation. No longer is AI the stuff of science fiction – it’s a real tangible power that is reshaping the manner in which the world functions and, along with it, the

The authentication of trial exhibits in the AI era has become a necessary byproduct of the proliferation of the use of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence algorithms (AI) have introduced a new dynamic challenge to the practice of law, particularly in the area of civil litigation. As this new technology has quickly evolved, questions revolving around